Meditation A Tool For Living (c)
Greg DePrince
Practices for Living with Serious Illness with Greg DePrince

These simple practices produce deep relaxation and peacefulness, while helping you to experience a sense of self that is
unrelated to your body or illness. You can learn these practices quickly, and use them on your own easily. I generally work with
people in four areas:

Breathing techniques - Pranayama: help to reduce anxiety and fear, and create a baseline of peace and ease.

Visualizations: have a direct effect on your body, heart and mind, and elicit feelings of calm and well-being.

Flowing Chi Kung / Qi Gong: gentle, safe exercises that relax and energize. These can be done sitting or standing. This
flowing style is quite different from more rigorous forms taught in Santa Fe.

Crystal Singing Bowls: create  profound, deep relaxation with no effort on your part. Of course, you cannot take my bowls
home, but I can provide an mp3 track for you!

We will not try to cure cancer or ALS  or any disease. We
will try to help you find a new baseline of deep relaxation and
well-being,  and  a sense of self unbound by your body or your illness.
Santa Fe, NM
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