Greg's qualifications for facilitating wonderful
    meditation experiences include 38 years in the
    institutional investment  management business
    and mentoring a delightful daughter for 28 years
    and counting! That's an old meditation joke which
    means that meditation is not about escaping from
    life, but rather is a tool for living more fully & in
    synchrony with consciousness.

    Greg has studied meditation practices with many
    traditions since 1970. In he early '70s he did
    intensive study with Yogi Bhajan's  3HO, including
    living in their DC ashram. Over the years he has
    explored traditions from the East & West, and
    culled key practices. He presents these tools
    without any dogma of the traditions, so that they
    are accessible to people of all backgrounds.
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Meditation A Tool For Living (c)
Greg DePrince
Santa Fe, NM