Meditation A Tool For Living (c)
Greg DePrince

~ Breathing techniques - Pranayama: help to reduce anxiety and fear, and create a baseline
of peace and ease.

~ Visualizations: have a direct effect on your body, heart and mind, and elicit feelings of calm
and well-being. Free mp3's of these practices are available.

~ Flowing Chi Kung / Qi Gong: gentle, safe exercises that relax and energize. These can be
done sitting or standing. This flowing style is quite different from more rigorous forms taught
in Santa Fe.

~ Crystal Singing Bowls: create  profound, deep relaxation with no effort on your part. Of
course, you cannot take my bowls home, but I can provide an mp3 track for you!

~ The Labyrinth: can be a wonderful tool for contemplation & meditation, or a deeply relaxing
walk. I can share some insights that might enhance your experience. My favorite in Santa Fe
is next to International Folk Art, & I would be happy to join you.

~ Advanced Meditation: practices that help create the direct experience of consciousness and
its characteristics of spaciousness, wonder, peace, & freedom. These can help strengthen the
sense of self that is not based on the body. This can be useful in combatting the anxiety
involved in serious illness, because it helps you experience the part of your self that is free
from illness, treatments and side effects.
Santa Fe, NM
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Well Being: Practices for Living with Illness or Life's Challenges

These simple practices produce deep relaxation and peacefulness, while helping you to
experience a sense of self that is unrelated to your body or illness. You can learn these
practices quickly, and use them on your own easily They can be helpful for other challenges in
life, as well as for caregivers.

We will not try to cure cancer or ALS  or any disease. We
will try to help you find a new
baseline of deep relaxation and well-being, and a sense of self unbound by your body, illness
or life's challenges. I generally work with people in six areas: